New Alcoholic Beverage Policy
Planned for Folsom Lake, Lake Natoma

In an effort to enchance public safety and combat increasing law enforcement problems, California State Parks will prohibit consumption of alcoholic beverages in all day use areas at Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma, effective March 1, 2003.

This policy prohibits the consumption of alcohol or possession of an open continer of alcohol in any day use and lake surface areas of the park.
Exceptions to the policy are:

An open container is defined as any bottle, can or other receptacle containing any alcoholic which has been opened, or seal broken, or the contents which have been partially removed.

Policies prohibiting alcohol consumption have been institued in 43 parks within the California Stae Park system, including at Lake Perris State Recreation Area, a Riverside County unit that draws more than 1 million visitors a year, and Millerton Lake State Recreation Area in Fresno County, which attracts some 600,000 visitors annually. Folsom Lake receives about 1.8 million visitors a year.

A review of crime statistics for the Folsom Lake State Rereation Area Found That:
While overall crime has remained relatively constant over the past few years, alcohol related crime has been on the rise. The problem reached a peak in 2001, when nearly 400 alchol-related citations were issued within the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

Alcohol-related crime rose from a low of 7 percent of all crime in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area in 1998 to a high of 22 percent in 2001.

Between 1997 and 2002, a total of 513 citations were issued to minors in possession of alcohol and minors driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent or higher.

Year DUI Drunk in Pulbic All Crimes*
1997 22 7 350
1998 12 9 313
1999 20 13 364
2000 33 15 455
2001 104 43 674
2002** 59 25 590
* All crimes reported at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.
** North Granite day use area was closed to motor vehicles, resulting in a reduction in alcohol-related crime.
**North Granite day use is now open to the public.

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