Folsom Lake Marina

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Folsom, Ca. 95763
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Berth Rental Rates

Rental Rates

Slips Size

Yearly Rate

Max size Boat



up to 18' - actual length



up to 22 Ft. - actual length



up to 26 Ft. - actual length

24' X 10'


up to 26 Ft. - actual length

Dry Storage


up to 26 Ft. - actual length

Actual Length is measured from the boat's bow, to the end of it's motor or swim platform. (which ever is longer).
Any boat with a wide or square bow (i.e., Pontoon, pickle fork) must be 2' under the  slip length.  

All rentals are by the year and run from April 1 to April 1. We included the $295.00 Statewide Annual Boat/Day use pass in our rental fee. Our contract with California State Parks says that all slip renters must have a state park pass. Slip renters will also receive one marina pass, which will only be honored at Brown's Ravine. This pass is for use by the immediate family and an ID may be required when entering the park. Current vessel & trailer registration is required for all boats renting space at the marina.

Folsom Lake was designed as a flood control lake and during the winter months the lake is drawn down to make room for heavy inflows. Becuase of flood control requirement, or lower than normal winter snow packs, boats usually need to be removed from the water each year. In 2015 boats were pulled by June 15th and in 2016 it was August 1st. The Marina can not guarantee water for the boats and no refund is given due to low water conditions. We will provide dry storage for your boat, if it must be removed from the water. Please note that we do not provide storage for your trailer while your boat is in the water. Our year runs from April 1st to March 31st.

We currently have a waiting list for all of our slips. The 16' and 20' has about a two year wait, while the 24' list is over eight years. To add your name to our waiting list, you must do so in person. No names will be add over the phone or by Email. There is no charge to place your name on any list, but it must be done in person.

The marina has a 24 hour security patrol and the park is open every day of the year. Renters will have access to their boats during the hours the State Park is open. Park hours during the summer months are 6 to 10 and 7 to 7 during the winter.

Boat camping is allowed in the marina for slip renters with self-contained boats and the proper sleeping accommodations. All overnight boaters must register at the Marina office. There is no fee to stay in your slip, but if you wish to boat camp on the lake, there is a $20.00 State boat camping fee. As a renter you are still subject to all the State Parks rules and Regulations.

State Park Fees and Passes
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