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On board camping is allowed on vessels that have a self-contained sanitary unit ONLY. Specifically, a self contained sanitary unit must be Coast Guard approve, have a holding tank that has a tight and perfect closure at all times, and is installed in a location that affords complete privacy for it's user. Waste must be dumped at an appropriate onshore facility. The vessel must also have proper sleeping accommodations for all persons on board.

All boat campers must register at either the Granite Bay entrance station or the main office building of Folsom Lake Marina, located in Brown's Ravine. During registration an employee will inspect the vessel to verify that it meets all regulations. A gray boat camping registration box is located at the front door of the marina and may be used to register for boat camping, when the marina office is closed.

On board boat camping is allowed only in the following areas ( Boat Camping Map ).

South Fork --------- Deep Ravine to Higgins Point

North Fork --------- Bear Cove to Mormon Ravine

Brown's Ravine -------- Slip renters at the marina are allowed to camp on their boats in their slips overnight, however, they must register to do so.

 Offshore boat campers must follow all the laws and regulations of the State of California and the Department of Parks and Recreation, including the following:

 1.All boats must be moored and remain moored during all hours the park is officially closed. Boating after the official closing hour is prohibited.

2.Boats must be moored out of the main traffic channels and within 200 feet of shore. Camping is prohibited on shore.

3. Boat campers may not be tied to or pulled up on shore while boat camping.

4. All boats must display an anchor light in accordance with California's Administrative code.

5. It is unlawful to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol and/or certain drugs.

6. Boat camping is limited to a maximum of two consecutive nights.

7. Fires are not permitted on shore at anytime.

8. Vehicles must be registered at the area in which the vehicles are located. A vehicle parked in Granite Bay cannot register at Brown's Ravine for boat camping.

9. Any vehicle in the park after closing and not registered to boat camp is subject to a citation from the Park Rangers for none payment of fees.

Boat Camping Fees:

On board Camping $20.00 per night + (10.00 Boat Use fee for each day in park for boaters without pass.)

$12.00 for extra vehicle

Authority: State of California Public Resources Code, Section 5003;
California Administrative Code, Title 14, Section 4311,
Section 4660 Mooring, 4327 Closing, 4324 Sanitation, Section 6680 (a) Night Lighting.

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