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    Folsom Lake is currently experiencing a serious problem with driftwood floating over the entire lake. Brown's Ravine has the only usable ramp at this time and has one courtesy dock. Boaters need to use extreme caution when on the lake. Most of the driftwood is water soaked and like an iceberg, the biggest part is under the water. While much of the floating wood is in large groups, many single floating logs are on the lake too.

    Folsom is being drawn down to insure that we have enough storage space for our excellent snow pack, which sits at 181% above normal. Flood control levels change on a daily basis. Currently flood control is around the 400' level. While the lake is going up quickly one day and down quickly the next, we should remember that this was what Folsom Lake was designed to do. Folsom Lake should be able to offer a great boating season and a great place from families to come and enjoy the park.


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